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2011-04-02Sökmotoroptimering av daniellind.com.
Mindre omskrivning som fokuserat på sökmotoroptimering och införande av Google Adsense.
2011-03-20Windows-versioner uppdaterade.
BWTracker stödjer både Windows Vista och Windows 7.
2010-04-15Ny domän
Skapde en ny webbplats Tipsjakt.se som samlar alla evenemang och aktiviteter från hela sverige, oavsett om man bor i Malmö, Stockholm eller Gävle så hittar man lokala tips och erbjudanden.
2006-02-28Site update
Long time since these pages was officially updated, even though the updates have been made unnoticed. Anyway, now the pages have been revised. New pictures will be added soon. I've also changed the hosting server, which has made some utilized php functions not available anymore. This will be corrected in due time.
2004-10-15Add pictures yourself!
I've made it possible for registered users to upload their own pictures. These pictures must be verified by me, Daniel Lind, before they will be visible in the albums. Add pictures on the picture administration page.
2004-09-24New host.
I was wery disappointed on how 99kr.com hosted my website. I have now Linux.se as my webhost and, since it is located in Sweden, it will be much faster and more reliable.
2004-08-18I've updated the page about me.
Since I noticed some spams in my inbox I've changed the way to announce my personal e-mail address. It's now a picture and a somewhat cryptic link. I've also updated the "Quick questions" section.
2004-08-07You may now upload your own pictures to my albums.
I've created a function to upload pictures to my albums. You need to be logged in, just to make sure not unauthorized upload inappropriate pictures.
2004-05-05You can now register BWTracker online!
You can now register BWTracker via PayPal. The fee has also been reduced to only $15 USD.
2004-04-03Version 1.1 build #93 of BWTracker has been released.
I've fixed numerous bugs and have also improved the program in many aspects. Read about all changes on the version history page.
2004-03-30First public release of this website hosted by www.99kronor.com.
I have now moved this website from home.rixtele.com to a server at www.99kronor.com. This server is located in USA. It may result in some high delays when accessing my webpages. I have also translated many pages to english, but there is still many pages written in swedish. Some of them will be translated to english and some will not.
2004-02-23New release of BWTracker. Version 1.1 build #87.
Many bugs fixed and all charts has been made easier to view.
2004-02-21I've bought the domain www.daniellind.com!
The domain www.daniellind.com will always point to this homepage whereever it moves. If you want to bookmark this homepage you should bookmark www.daniellind.com.
2004-02-18The news page has been redesigned and will, from now on, be in english.
I've made the news section easier for me på update and also easier for you to view. From now on, this news page will be written in english. Most of my pages will eventually be translated to english.
2004-02-12Version 1.3 build #24 of DJ DeLuxe has been released.
2004-02-09Version 1.3 build #21 av DJ DeLuxe lades upp.
2004-01-15La upp fler bilder, fast det finns många fler under Teklas hemsida.
2003-11-01New release. Version 1.0 build #73. More pages on the website about BWTracker: News, Support, Manual, Version history.
2003-10-13First release of BWTracker!
2003-09-14Hemsidan har designats om efter att jag läst boken Homepage Usability av Jacob Nielsen. Bl.a. har vissa externa länkar tagits bort, länkar har döpts om, sökfunktion direkt på hemsidan och titeln på sidorna har blivit mer förklarande. Dessutom har TEAD version 2.0 släppts. Håller just nu på med webbsidorna för programmet.

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