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BWTracker v1.1 build #87

Keep track of your download and upload traffic. This utility supports several alarms, your current transfer speed, graphical and table-based logs, and traceroute and whois functions. This program addresses those Internet users with a permanent connection to the Internet, but it can also be used with a modem. It's perfect for those which has limitations in their usage (e.g. 100MB/day or 30GB/month). 2004-02-23
DJ DeLuxe v1.3 build #24

Store your driver's journal in this program. Well suited for people traveling in duty. 2004-02-09
Lacco File Creator The following page is in Swedish v1.0

Create dummy-files of arbitrary sizes. 2002-01-04
IP Look-up The following page is in Swedish 2003

Perform an IP look-up at a specific IP address. There is also a function to query a whois database for more information on that IP. 2003-07-05
Minesweeper The following page is in Swedish 2002

An applet version of the Windows game Minesweeper, or "Minröj" as we say here in Sweden. 2002-09-09
Luffarschack The following page is in Swedish v2.0

Play the classical Noughts & Crosses. 2000-05-01
ShutDown Timer v1.2 build #10

Shut down the computer after a count down or at a certain time - completely automatic. 2003-03-14
TEAD The following page is in Swedish v2.0 build #2

Program specially created for employees of Viking Footwear AB. It will keep track of your travelling expences. 2003-10-02
Tracker DeLuxe v2.1 build #43

Keep track of your Internet online time and cost. It supports alarms, hiding to the system tray, multiple languages, password protection and three different charge rates for different times/days. It also has a logging feature so you can keep track of (and also view statistics of) all your Internet connections. 2002-10-05
Permutationer av bokstäver The following page is in Swedish 2020

Create permutations of chars online. 2020-03-09

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