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BWTracker is a shareware application. After installing it, you have 70 days to evaluate the product. If you decide to keep BWTracker, you are required to purchase a license key. Currently, there are two types of license keys:

Single user: The single user license grants an individual a non-exclusive license to use one copy of BWTracker on only a single computer at any one time.
I.e. BWTracker may not be registered on two different computers at the same time.
Site license: The site license grants a company/organization to use X number of registered copies of BWTracker on X number of computers that are physically located at the licensed site. The registered software may not be redistributed or offered outside of the network that covers the physical location of the site.
X means the number of licenses the computer has desided to purchase.

Click here to read the full license agreement.

Please choose the appropriate license. If it is a Single user license, pay online via PayPal or fill in the order form via the links in the table below. If you are interested in a large number of licenses, I would prefer if you could contact me to discuss discounts, shippings, etc.

Single user license key by e-mail $15 USD*
Order by ordinary mail
Site license Contact me
Volume discounts Contact me

* There is also a possibility to pay for BWTracker in Swedish crowns (SEK). If so, the fee is only 100 SEK due to the minimal transaction costs for me. This is, however, only possible when you order by ordinary mail directly to me from Sweden.

A license key for BWTracker v1.x will give you full registered access to any future versions of BWTracker. Registering BWTracker also helps support the BWTracker development and customer support efforts.
I'm open to other licensing and distribution agreements. Feel free to contact me.

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