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Version history

1.1 build #93 released 2004-04-03
  • Minor graphical improvements (rearrangement of buttons, width changes of frames...)
  • The frames in the main display has been adjusted to look alike.
  • The chart in the main display has got some help lines every 30 second.
  • The alarm edit window. Deletion of an alarm can now also be done by pressing the delete button on the keyboard instead of always have to press the delete button with the mouse.
  • The status bas has got a panel which indicates if any alarm is enabled or triggered.
  • Bug: If the user isn't logged in as an administrator and tries to change the "load at windows startup" it would generate a run-time error. Now it will only generate a notification that it couldn't be done.
  • Bug: URL in the installation file was old.
  • Bug: When the IP range was chosen the download and upload could be miscalculated.
  • Bug: When downloading more than about 2,2GB/session the program would generate an error.
  • Bug: when an alarm is triggered and the alarm popup window shows: One couldn't move the window when holding down the mouse button over anything else than the window itself or one of the labels. Now one can move it when pressing over almost anything.
1.1 build #87 released 2004-02-23
  • Traceroute now handles host names correct - not only IP addresses.
  • The program couldn't handle date formats used e.g. in Norway.
  • When using USA date format, there were type mismatches when editing, deleting and adding logs.
  • The chart in the view logs window is now easier to understand.
  • Changed from click to double click to enlarge and reduce the charts
  • The chart in the main display now shows much more history than it used to.
  • All the links now goto my new homepage www.daniellind.com.
1.0 build #73 released 2003-11-01
Fixed numerous bugs:
  • startup problem with more than one active Internet-connection.
  • help file did not start from within the program.
  • right-click menu errors in connections dialog.
  • looking in the logs history changed the values in the main display even though nothing was changed.
  • the wav-file was not shipped with the installation package.
  • the file IPhlpapi.dll could not be uninstalled upon installation.
1.0 build #32 released 2003-10-13
This is the first version. All functionality in BWTracker is new stuff.

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