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Driver's Journal

DJ DeLuxe is a program that will help you keep track of your driver's journal. Set day, month, year, route and the length of the route. The data is then saved and you can easily compare it with earlier periods thanks to the tree structure by which the years ans months are organised. DJ DeLuxe is especially suited for people who travels in duty and need to keep a driver's journal and also send it in every month or so.

 2004-05-05  You can now Buy DJ DeLuxe online via PayPal.
 2004-02-12  Version 1.3 build #24 released.
 2004-02-09  Version 1.3 build #21 released.
 2002-12-12  Added a missing include in the installation file.
 2002-10-05  Version 1.2 build #13 released.
 2002-08-20  Version 1.2 is released.
 2002-07-06  DJ DeLuxe has finally got it's own homepage.
 2002-01-30  Version 1.1 is released.

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