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Bandwidth Tracker

Bandwidth Tracker logo BWTracker is the number one software in monitoring the amount of data transferred to and from your computer. It has focused on functionality and usability for the end-user, namely you!

Are you surfing the Web? If so, BWTracker is the way to monitor your net usage.

The bandwidth tracker software features of BWTracker include:
  • Alarm: You may setup different alarms on the monitored interface.
  • Current transfer speed: BWTracker shows the current transfer speed and also in a "last 60 seconds" graph.
  • Logs: BWTracker stores all the data monitored internally in BWTracker and can easily be viewed graphically or, if necessary, log-by-log in tables.
  • Traceroute and Whois functions: If you would like to have more information about an IP number or host name, these functions are very useful.

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