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The license key you sent me doesn't work!?
In every case so far, this has simply been a matter of the user not entering all of the license data. When you get your license data, you will get three pieces:
  • license key
  • name (the name it is registered to)
  • license type (single user or site license)
You must enter/set all three pieces. In most cases, people are simply not setting the license type. Another common problem is with the license key value - you must enter the key EXACTLY as it was written in the letter you've received. Finally, please ensure you are setting all of the license data before contacting us.

Which versions of Windows does DJ DeLuxe support?
See system requirements in the manual.

Isn't DJ DeLuxe freeware?
No, sorry. DJ DeLuxe is shareware. If you plan to keep using DJ DeLuxe, you must purchase a license. See the Registration section for details.

I've registered now. When will I receive my registration info?
As soon as I have received your money by mail, I will create your registration information. Since I do have other things to do than just wait for e-mail, it may take a few days depending on how often I check my mail/e-mail, but usually it doesn't take more than a couple of days for me to send it to you.

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