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BWTracker is delivered as a self-executable file. Double-click on the setup.exe file. Like most Windows installation programs, it will prompt you to confirm the installation location, etc. Unless you have a reason to override the defaults it is strongly recommended that you accept the installation default settings (just press OK, Yes, or Next, as appropriate).

System Requirements

BWTracker requires Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows XP or Windows 2000.

BWTracker Uninstallation
There are two ways to uninstall BWTracker:

Control Panel
Activate the Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs, and double click the BWTracker list box entry.

Start Menu
From the Start menu, click Programs, then Daniel Lind, then BWTracker, and then Uninstall BWTracker.

Technical details:
The "Uninstall BWTracker" procedure performs the following steps:
  1. Verify that it is safe to uninstall.
  2. Delete files in BWTracker folder if they were installed by this version of BWTracker. The file datasource.txt is also deleted and if you want to store your old logs you should backup this file or export the logs from within the program.
  3. Remove the BWTracker icons, BWTracker desktop shortcut and Start menu entries, and Quick Pick.
  4. Remove the BWTracker entries from the registry.

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